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Hunter and Landon

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  1. That time at the big barn when everyone talked him into wrestling that random kid and Hunter ended up making that kids face bleed!! lol 🙂

  2. Starting off with the wildside huh. Back since third grade ive seen him produce a couple bloody noses. Never on me though ha ha. I accidentally hit is wrist with a full swing of a pick axe and got dirt and rocks thrown in my eyes and mouth! Old times of making forts!

  3. I will never for get when hunter came to c me n Brittany Woodard at work and he happened to set my hair on fire! Grrr talk abt gettin mad! But that’s a great memory I’ll never for get! Even then he had A way of making me laugh about it! No one could stay mad at hunter! I Love u hunter and I’m glad ur in a better place now with no more pain or worry! Well all be there with u one day but only the best die young!

  4. I remember all the great times we played gator at the pool and he would always win.

  5. I have too many , here’s just a few that I remember.. Hunter could text faster than ne one I knew with ABC with one hand without looking then those with T9Word who were, he liked powdered sugar on his brownies, he liked his room cold when he slept, his bed I always said was mine cause it was aammazzzinngg, him, ed, & keaston had to get my car out of a ditch at hunters house in the piss poor rain when the tow cable was broke, he was the first boy I took to any family get together, he was also the first boy mama chased out of the house, hunter was a fighter & a sure win at that. He was scared of nothing, especially death ! He could make me laugh like no other, he wld laugh at me at the fair when I would get scared on the rides when he would hang up side down on the ones that stood up and went round in circle. His laugh was goofy as hell and in most of his year book pics his hair is the majority of the picture. He hated all of my bfs ha He rarely ever went to class, but he wlked me and met me after every single one when he did. Hunter…Your dad, mom, Tonya, Tara, Landon, Spencer, Casey, Anthony, Doug, David & Sara & I are gonna miss you so much! I was always there for him, & he was always there for me ! RIP

  6. We all went to Cedar Cliff lake,and everyone was swimming over to the rope swing but i have never been a strong swimmer so Hunter swam me over on his back, the whole time he was saying “dont worry, i wont let you drown”… He was always there for me, no matter what i needed… from letting me ride on his back across a lake to talking to me when i was upset all night, to let me stay over when i was having a down day… He’s going to be missed so much ♥

  7. How about the time he took your blow dart gun Spence and shot me in the back Haha or the time yal talked me into swinging on the vine first when we were younger and the whole thing fell on my back or when hunter and Jason boxed below the pool and pretty much knocked Jason out lol I’m going to miss all them days with
    him sometimes life ain’t fair and the good die young but atleast hunter made the best of it wile he could

  8. GOSH… lets see. The “younger years” going to the pool every summer and Hunter and Casey always picking on me at the pool slamming me under water alllllllll the time and thinking it was funny that I got so mad and annoyed. Like literally they did it every time I went to the pool. But I will always remember his awesome smile.. he had the best smile ever. And he was so funny and from his appearance if you didn’t know him you would think he was but he was so nice (unless you did something to one of his friends lol).

  9. Hunter had one of the biggest hearts, he was friendly loving and caring about all of the people he was around. Every time that I saw him or we hung out with friend or at a party he always greeted me with a hug and would take time to talk and catch up, hunter was a genuine person. He touched every life that he came into contact with. From his big heart and gentle touch to his outgoing and loving personality, Hunter was liked by many and loved by most. I always considered Hunter a good friend of mine, he will be missed indefinitely. ♥ and miss you Hunter.

  10. Hunter was amazing. He cared so much about his friends. He would go out of his way to help anyone in need. I miss the days with him and Casey. He always had the best advice to give me with everything. Besides the time in class and getting pushed into the pool every summer my best memories with Hunter Maloy were bowling with him and casey. Hunter won of course but I my last turn I slipped and fell. Hunter ran to get me up and we were both laughing so hard he dropped and and fell down as well. I miss all the times watching movies with outburst of his silly laugh and helping me always try to convince the servers at Colimas to sell me a margarita afterward. I hope to find friends in the future that are half the man he was.. ♥ you Hunter!

  11. Growing up Hunter was always the toughest kid we all knew. He was never afraid of anything and that made us all feel better about being close to him. I remember middle school football, first game of the season, even the first play of the game, it was kickoff team and me and hunter were next to one another and called each other smash brothers haha. Hunter and I took off after the ball was kicked and half way down the field hunter hit a kid so hard he flipped him over his shoulders but he didn’t stop there, he kept running and tackled the ball carrier. Not only was hunter a friend he was a great athlete. We are all going to miss him greatly! Rest in Peace Hunter Maloy.

  12. Lazy summer days at the apartment by the high school, everclear inside a water melon, playing C.O.D.with J.G. and Hunter always kicked my ass, smokin on the roof, floatin down deep creek, tubing on the tuck with cold beverages, snowboarding at Cataloochee, boxing in his living room, and sittin around a warm fire. Just a few great memories i wish we could relive one last time. Miss you buddy, Rest In Peace.

  13. hunter casey and spencer were some of the first few ppl to welcome me when i moved here, i remember all those times you boys would shove ur dirty feet in my face bec everyone knew how much i hated feet, or the time hunter and spencer convinced me to do a front flip off the diving board at the pool- more like a belly flop. the look on hunters face was priceless. the last memorey i have with hunter is last halloween !! may you rest in peace ♥

  14. I will never forget Hunter. I watched my best friend fall in love with him and at the time he knew if he was with her he had the package deal with me and our other best friend. He was always so tough. I even once thought I could beat him at arm wrestling…wrong. He just laughed at me because we all knew he had me beat! We didn’t stay close during high school or after but if I saw him somewhere I would always get a hug. I still can’t believe he is gone. I know he meant so much to his close friends and family and he will be missed by many more.

  15. Since I was born hunter has looked after me an been no less than a brother to me. We had ups and downs but nothing could break apart the brother love we had. I would have done anything for him an now all I can do is look forward to seein him again one day. Service is friday 6-9 please come and show your respect.

  16. I remember Hunter from our childhood, he was always so funny and so tough, he also had a great smile. Tara, Hunter, and I would sit around his mom’s house and laugh at each others stupid jokes! He was always a hugger and the only time he was ever brought down was when someone messed with his family or friends! I will never forget Hunter, Tara and I making bags of pizza rolls and eating every last one and still being hungry! Hunter you were a wonderful, caring, strong person and loved by so many! We will miss you so much! ♥ you and your family and thank-you for my wonderful memories with you. RIP Hunter, my friend.

  17. I remember growing up and Hunter and his family lived across from my uncle Joe. His sisters and I would go to that tree house thing on the hill and look at makeup and he and his friends set off firecrackers and mini-fireworks underneath to scare the crap out of us. Also discovering old moonshoes upstairs and playing in the hammock in the trees that we never figured out who it belonged to.

  18. All I can see is Hunter’s little smiling face holding that fishing pole sitting next to Kyle on the boat waiting for that yayo tail (yellow tail) to get on his pole as he called it. He spent summers with us in the Florida Keyes as a child and they are some of the most treasured times.As he grew up we watched him turn into the most caring and loving person any parent could ever hope for.I was so proud to be his Aunt. He always brought out the fun child in you even as a adult. Last summer when he was here he kept us hopping. Bowling with all his cousins,I thought we we going to get kicked out ( but did we have fun!) Spending days on the beach with him or walking into Kyles and having to dodge air soft pellets with them two running around like two little kids playing camando. My heart will always hold you close,I love you to the moon!!! ❤ ❤ Aunt Debbie

  19. Hunter, I just wanna sayy I miss u so much everyday and will for the rest of my life. U were the best person and cousin a girl could ever have. I remember when we were kids and i would come up there and vist u and the family. We werent really close when we were kids but we got closer last year when u came to FL to stay with me and it was the best time Ive ever had in my life. We got to know eachother again and I had soo much fun with u. I will never forget the times we had together when we were small to being grown ups. I just wish we got to see eachother more often threw the years. I will remember u as a good person and a heart tht would open up to just about anyone. Thts what I loved about you and thts what we have in common. Ill be seeing u soon and hope u look down at all of us from now on and forever. Love forever and always Ashley

  20. Hunter It’s MOM, It’s been a over a year but seems like yesterday. I miss you so much , I can not wait to see and hold you again. I miss your beautiful smile and the best laugh I’ve ever heard. You are my baby and will always be my baby. I Know you are out of pain right now and that’s what keep’s me going. Landon and i talk to you every day and miss you more.I know you are with grandpa and uncle Lance and that give’s me some peace, but please come back to me and visit me. I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU. I need to feel you around me. Your sissy’s say it’s because i can’t handle you around me, but trust me i can . I need you right now.I love you so so much and miss you even more.I have been reading your bible , yes it help’s but i still need you . Please let me know your in heaven . I LOVE YOU

  21. Thinking of you. Please watch over everyone here. We all love and miss you. I have lost friends before but I don’t mean for this to sound harsh toward any of them because I loved and cared deeply for them but out of them all you were the best one. You had a bigger heart and love for everyone around you way more than they did and that is why dealing with you being gone is so much harder. You have not been forgotten. Your friends down here still talk about you all the time. I seen where Spencer is wearing your number in the game this weekend. I look forward to it. 🙂 with love, Tiffany

  22. Love and Missing you even more this Christmas….I Love You….Mom xoxo

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